The ICT/BPO industry represents a key driver of the Mauritian economy with a GDP contribution of 7.4% for 2021 and employing around 30,000 people. With some 850 ICT-BPO based enterprises, the country has one of the richest technology ecosystems in Africa that thrives on innovation and collaboration across sectors.  The industry is vibrant spanning from technology start-ups to multinationals across various segments such as digital services, technical support, applications development and customer management among others.

Besides offering a distinctive proposition in bilingual skills (French, English) for UK/European companies, Mauritius has demonstrated its capabilities in offering a compelling alternative for serving non-voice and IT needs of multinationals. Global players such as Accenture, Ceridian, Convergys, Huawei, Orange Business Services, and Allianz amongst others have successfully established their operations in Mauritius due to their ability to serve global clients with high-quality, innovative solutions.



No of companies (2021)


Employment (2021)

7.4 %

GDP (2021)


Internet penetration (June 2021)

155.25 %

Mobile penetration (June 2021)

  • Business opportunities presently exist in the following segments:

    1. BPO Voice- Inbound & Outbound Calls, Helpdesk & Technical Support, Advisory
    2. BPO Non-Voice - Back Office, Payroll, Finance & accounting outsourcing, Legal Process Outsourcing
    3. Information Technology Outsourcing - Software Development, Mobile Applications Development, Web Design & Development, Infrastructure Management, Application Maintenance, 3D Design & Modeling, IOT
    4. IT Services - Data Centres, Disaster Recovery, Cloud Services, Consultancy
    5. Digital Content: Digital Production, E-learning & Online Training System, Animation, Mobile Games
    6. Knowledge process Outsourcing- Creative Process Outsourcing, High End Technical Support, Translation and legal Processing, Quality and Functional Shared Services Centers

    Developments in the digital space currently offers the country the possibility of embracing new opportunities to grow the economy in fields such as:

    1. Cloud Services
    2. Cybersecurity
    3. Digital health technologies
    4. EdTech
    5. Ecommerce
    6. Internet of Things (IoT)
    7. AI Virtual and augmented reality

    Mauritius has crafted an enabling ecosystem for ICT-BPO companies to develop and flourish.  The country offers the following key attributes for ICT and BPO activities:

    1. Proven test bed and launch pad for new technologies
    2. Pool of multilingual, educated and adaptable IT professionals
    3. Excellent collaborative business environment
    4. Competitive cost to quality proposition

    Reliable and redundant international connectivity with 3 international submarine networks namely: South Africa Far East (SAFE) , Lower Indian Ocean Network (LION)/LION2 and METISS. A fourth optical cable namely the T3, connecting Mauritius to South Africa with an offshore connection to Reunion island and Madagascar, will be implemented by 2022/2023. The MARS cable(Mauritius- Rodrigues Sub-Marine Cable) connects Rodrigues to the rest of the world

    Innovative training incentives and programs offered by Government

    The philosophy of Government is geared towards implementing a Digital Mauritius strategy and the ultimate objective is to be able to harness the power of technology to facilitate the transition of Mauritius towards a digital island. The following list of measures enunciated by Government since 2016 bears testimony to the progress that Mauritius is making in generating economic growth based on innovation:

    1. Amendment of Data Protection Act 2004 to be fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
    2. Promulgation of Regulatory sandbox license to cater for innovative projects for which there exists no legal framework
    3. Implementation of a national incubator scheme to cater for infrastructural support, training and mentoring of projects
    4. Introduction of 8-year income tax exemption for companies developing intellectual property assets in Mauritius
    5. Provision of double deduction on qualifying expenditure incurred for R&D purposes
    6. Introduction of an E-commerce Scheme which allows tax holiday of 5 years to companies for the development and domiciliation of electronic platforms and their related ancillary activities in Mauritius.
    7. No minimum turnover and investment requirement for Innovator Occupation Permit
    8. Innovation and Commercialisation Schemes: The Mauritius Research Council offers at least 6 Innovation and Commercialization Schemes with the aim to boost creativity, innovation and research in Mauritius. The funding range ranging from Rs 1M to Rs 10M

    Recently, the announcement of a Data Technology park at Cote D’Or shall further propel the country into the digital era as the park will leverage the latest technology, design principles, and business philosophies to create an entrepreneurial community aimed at expediting the innovation process from idea to creation.

  • In 2021, export of services for the ICT-BPO industry amounted MUR 6.3 Billion (Source : Bank of Mauritius). Several industry operators have been exporting their products and services towards Africa among which Ghana, Namibia, Botswana. Government has set its new model of economic partnership for greater growth and opportunities with the rest of Africa. Such partnerships will create a comforting environment and subsequently enhance confidence to propel Mauritian private sector investments further in the SEZs identified in Senegal, Ivory Coast and Ghana.

    Technology Startups
    Owing to its strategic position, Mauritius is today considered to be the ideal springboard and a great location for entrepreneurs aiming to enter the African continent.  The country has implemented numerous measures to optimize conditions for technology startups and also emerge as the startup hotspot in the region.  The launch and further development of a new enterprise is facilitated by numerous incubators, funding and promotion schemes.

    Financing is one of the most important issues involved in the setting up of a start up and Mauritius offers a comprehensive system of public funding. The table below provides link to key institutions responsible for the promotion, growth, development and internationalization of SMEs.


    Mauritius Research and Innovation Council


    SME Mauritius


    SME Equity Fund


    Development Bank of Mauritius


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