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Strategic Planning

The Economic Development Board is mandated to provide strong institutional support for strategic economic planning and to ensure greater coherence and effectiveness in economic policy formulation for Mauritius.

The EDB is thus responsible for advising Government on appropriate policies and strategies for socio-economic development, trade development, export and investment promotion, infrastructure development, labour market improvement and business facilitation.

Through its Strategic Planning and Economic Development Directorate, the institution carries out economic research at the macro-economic level, ensures coordination across government agencies and maintains constant dialogue with stakeholders on economic matters with a view to:

  • formulating macro-economic policies in view of achieving the growth objectives of Government for becoming a High-Income economy;
  • identifying opportunities in new economic sectors and engage with international partners to develop strategic alliances to create the appropriate ecosystem for these sectors and
  • advising on the development of major projects which are of significance or strategic importance to the economy;

The EDB is moreover entrusted with the responsibility for monitoring and evaluating the outcomes of policies and projects using a range of sources and techniques as well as benchmarking Mauritius against other jurisdictions.

The institution is also involved in initiatives aimed at broadening the economic space of Mauritius, providing its views and inputs on matters of regional integration, the Africa strategy and international cooperation.

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