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Entertainment and Tourism

Eco tourism and eco-friendly destinations have become catch phrases in the tourism industry.  With the ambition of government to smooth out tourism seasonality, new avenues in the eco-tourism sector are being explored.  Mauritius is endowed with multifaceted attractions such as mountains, parks, valleys, rivers, sandy beaches, glorious traditions, flora and fauna. The country thus offers fantastic opportunities for eco-tourism development in terms of chalet residences, hiking, trekking, quad biking, mountaineering, bird and dolphin watching. 

Thanks to the quality and diversity of treatments available as well as the natural attractiveness of the island, Mauritius has flourished as a perfect alternative to combine leisure and healthcare. Patients benefit from varied medical specialties with cutting edge medical technology and pharmaceutical manufacturing similar to those of developed countries.

Competitive medical prices, a safe judiciary framework as well as support from highly skilled multilingual professionals in specialised areas inspire confidence and give peace of mind to foreign patients. The idyllic sunny island also offers a particularly beneficial and comfortable set up for recovering patients.

With its rich mixture of culture, Mauritius has the capacity to provide a rewarding and satisfying cultural experience to a wide range of tourists. Programs are underway to further conserve historical sites and areas alongside the development of interpretative centres and promotion of cultural activities. An interesting aspect of development possibilities for cultural tourism lies in the abundance and diversity of the culture in Mauritius. Historical buildings, colonial houses, bridges, architecture and traditional lifestyle can become original tourist attractions.

Hospitality and gaming consortia suitable for both business and leisure travellers comprising modern, state-of-the-art convention and exhibition facilities, casinos, themed attractions, entertainment & performance venues and recreational facilities.  Hotels and retail have the potential to create an industry for the domestic demand and a growing number of tourists.

Amusement parks are some of the most popular tourist attractions throughout the world. In Mauritius there is an identified niche waiting to be filled for such attractions. With the increasing number of tourist arrivals, innovation is necessary for a constant rejuvenation of the existing tourist attractions.

New tourist attractions such as amusement parks, reptile parks, zoos, safari, adventure parks, 3D and interactive animation parks, film attraction parks, aquarium and marine parks can be developed in the island