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Fishing, Seafood and Aquaculture

An Internationally Reputed Seafood Hub for Quality

A resource-rich maritime zone of 2.3 million km2, a modern seaport and logistics facilities, an enabling regulatory framework and a highly attractive fiscal regime make Mauritius a prime investment destination for the seafood sector. Comprising three established industry segments, namely fishing, aquaculture and seafood processing, the sector currently contributes some 1.3% to GDP and accounts for some 9.1% of export earnings.

Mauritius ranks among the topmost African Caribbean Pacific (ACP) exporters of canned tuna to the European Union (EU) and is the 3rd external supplier in terms of overall volume of tuna loins to the EU market. Certification of fish and fish products for export primarily to Member States of the European Union (EU) is available locally.

Contribution to GDP 1.3%

GDP Growth Rate2.3%

Export USD 400 M

Employment 16,000

No. of players 20

Boosting your Business Competitive Edge:


  • 5-year fishing rights granted to industrial fishing operators flying the Mauritian flag
  • The Indian Ocean holds the second largest stock of tuna resources: Albacore tuna, the Bigeye tuna, the Skipjack tuna and the Yellow fin tuna
  • Diversified fishing territories of fish stocks including pelagic and demersal species
  • Effective resource management through the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (IOTC) with regular fish stock assessments
  • Fishing license issued by the Ministry of Ocean Economy, Marine Resources, Fisheries and Shipping

Seafood Processing:

  • Preferential market access to the EU, USA and regional countries
  • Air Freight Rebate Scheme for chilled fish exports
  • World-class infrastructure as well as an integrated logistics platform
  • Competitive and efficient Freeport Zone
  • No import duty on equipment or raw materials


  • 20 marine sites proclaimed in the Fisheries and Marine Resources Act (Additional sites to be proclaimed soon)
  • Competitive site lease rates
  • Institutional support for site surveys

Legal Framework:

  • The Fisheries and Marine Resources Act 2007 (Amended)
  • The Food Act, Act No.1 of 1998 & the Public Health Act,
  • Act no.131 of 1925 Maritime Zones Act