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Rum is the spirit of Mauritius. It is the connection of people and their heritage. When Sugar cane was introduced in Mauritius in the late 1500’s, it revolutionized local society, the reverberations of which are still felt today.  The labour intensive crop generated a demand for sugar on the European market which left a by-product in molasses - the raw material in rum production. From a dubious start and a vibrant history, rum in its diverse varieties and blends has earned a favoured place on the palates of those who frequent the roadside rum shop in Mauritius to the fashionable cocktail bars of Mauritius, London, Hong Kong, Germany and Paris. With a rich history of more than 40 years of industrialization, Mauritius has positioned itself as a sourcing destination of choice for quality and premium Rum and Spirits; winning various accolades from international tasting competition in trade shows and rum festivals.


Mauritius is one of the few countries that produces both:

Traditional Rum:

Rum from distillation of molasses, a residue of the sugar production.


Agricultural Rum:

Rum from the distillation of fresh, fermented cane juice.

The Mauritian spirit is emerging as a fast-developing subsector within the sugar cane industry.

  • 14 Rum Operators
  • 32+ Brands

  • Big Distillers

  • MUR 945 M In Total Exports (incl. undenatured alcohol, beer, wine and other spirits)

Key Opportunities in the Rum and Spirit Sector:

  • Investing in Distilleries
  • Investing in Craft Breweries
  • Investing in Bottling plant

Export Destinations : 

Netherland, France, Kenya, South Africa, Madagascar & Seychelles etc.

Tap into Mauritius’ MUR 1 Billion Spirits Industry : 

  • Opportunities in value added products,
  • Ideally located to exploit SADC and COMESA trade blocs,
  • Generous incentives on tax, import tariffs and cost of doing business,
  • Unmatched market access. Large and growing market opportunity in Europe, China, Africa, Northern America,
  • Investor friendly environment,
  • Dynamic industry,
  • Supportive government,
  • FDA approved,
  • Freight advantage in terms of cost and time-to-market.


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