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Manufacturing  - New Industries

The manufacturing sector remains a major GDP contributor (12.9% in 2018) of the Mauritian economy. Advancement in technology, changing consumer preferences, demographics, digitalisation are shaping the future of the manufacturing sector.  Lately there has been a fundamental shift for companies moving away from high cost to lower cost emerging markets.

In line with Government’s Vision 2030 and its ambition to join the league of high-income countries, there is much emphasis on revamping the manufacturing industry through diversifying its industrial base and adopting a value-added strategy.

Development of the Manufacturing- New industries (MNI) is geared towards production of high value-added products which represent opportunities for high growth and have great export potential.

Some of the priority sub sectors which have been identified are as follows:

  • Jewellery, watchmaking, precious stones
  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices
  • Original Equipment Manufacturing
  • Chemicals and other related products
  • Printing and Packaging
  • Recycling
  • Food processing
  • Technical textiles (excl. garments)

Manufacturing Value added (Rs billion) : 19.7
GDP growth rate (%) : 4.7
Employment : 31,700
GDP Contribution (%) : 4.7
Domestic Exports (Rs billion) : 8.1

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