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Manufacturing  - New Industries

The Manufacturing landscape constitutes an integral part of the Mauritian economy and remains a priority sector for the Government towards becoming a high-income economy. In 2017, the manufacturing industry contributed 13.4% to GDP, representing an amount of MUR 54,328 million. The breakdown in terms of sub sector contribution are: Food (excl. sugar) 35%, Textile 29%, Sugar 1% and Other Manufacturing Activities 35%. In terms of employment, the manufacturing industry employed 97,600 people in 2017, representing around 20% of total employment.  

The Mauritian manufacturing sector has greatly diversified since the early 1970s and now regroups some renowned companies covering a wide range of activities such as textile, food industry, high-end jewellery and medical devices. In fact, over the years the manufacturing sector has experienced a shift from traditional manufacturing to high value-added manufacturing, through the adoption of technology and automated processes.

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