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Logistics Sector - Air

Airport of Mauritius Ltd is pursuing the modernisation of SSR International Airport and is working towards setting up the necessary infrastructure to allow private sector partners to develop new business activities.  

A new zone has been identified, as part of the Airport Master Plan, in the southern part of the airport for the implementation of a new Cargo and Freeport zone to create adequate facilities with a view to increase annual freight volume up to around 90,000 tons by 2025. Airports of Mauritius (AML), the airport operator and developer, has completed works over 49 hectares of land to create serviced plots that are now available for lease to interested operators and developers willing to set up cargo, freeport and logistics facilities.

Trade Park Mon Tresor Ltd, a subsidiary of Omnicane Ltd has declared 24 ha of land with Freeport status near the airport for Freeport development.

Much emphasis is being put on developing the freeport activities to boost trans-shipment traffic that is key to increasing cargo traffic at SSR International Airport, Mauritius being strategically located between Asia-Oceania, the Indian Ocean region & Africa.