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Overview of the Financial Services Sector

The Mauritius IFC boasts more than two decades’ track record in cross-border investment and finance, and offers an unparalleled well-regulated and transparent platform.

As an internationally recognised jurisdiction of repute, the Mauritius IFC is home to a number of international banks, legal firms, corporate services, investment funds and private equity funds.  Leveraging on its state-of-the-art infrastructure, modern and innovative legal framework and ease of doing business regime, the Mauritius IFC offers a panoply of competitive financial products and services, including private banking, global business, insurance and reinsurance, limited companies, protected cell companies, trust and foundation, investment banking, global headquarter administration, amongst others. 

Besides being a sophisticated platform for cross-border investment, the Mauritius IFC is well poised to play a crucial role to attract investment and promoting prosperity for and across Africa. The IFC explores new competitive business venues and a wide spectrum of investment opportunities for global companies to invest in Africa.  Strongly bearing in mind, its political, social and economic stability and regulatory framework, the Mauritius IFC offers a certainty to global investors to look up for Africa as an investment destination.

GDP Contribution

11.8 (2019)

GDP value (USD)

51,672 (2019) 

Sectoral growth rate

+5.2  (2019)

Portfolio Investment

135.48 (2018)

Global Business Companies

12,493 (as at June 2020) 

Gross Value Addition of GBC

25,387 (forecast) 

Global Funds

1032 (as at June 2020) 

Management Companies

188 (as at June 2020) 


8,720 (December 2019) 

Export of Services

2,052 (as at June 2020) 

  • Strong regulatory framework
  • Good corporate governance
  • A range of modern financial products and services
  • Competitive operational cost
  • Extensive bilateral network allowing risk mitigation
  • Transparent legal regime
  • Connectivity
  • No exchange controls
  • Risk Mitigation possibilities through its growing number of Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements (IPPAs) with key emerging markets;
  • Attractiveness as a centre for capital raising and listings;
  • Ideal time zone (GMT+4) allowing trading on all global markets in a single day;
  • Modern and state-of-the-art infrastructure and connectivity;
  • Excellent pool of bilingual financial and legal professionals;
  • High quality, efficiency and cost-competitiveness as an International Financial Centre of choice;
  • Recognition as a ‘white-listed’ jurisdiction by the OECD; and
  • Adherence to international best practices and standards.