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With the new digital revolution that is happening in the financial services sector in Mauritius and as an avant-garde jurisdiction, the country possesses the ecosystem to assist the global ambitions of Fintech companies.  The use of mobile apps is embedded in the average Mauritian’s everyday life while the country already provides services such digital insurance, mobile banking amongst others. 

Several enterprises, particularly those aiming towards Africa, are already using Mauritius as a viable Fintech platform. For such institutions, with its facilitating business environment and its array of Investment Protection and Promotion Agreements; Mauritius can be considered a safe International Financial Centre that acts as a buffer between source jurisdictions and recipient African states. The stable business climate and well-established corporate governance culture in Mauritius, favourable time zone, excellent connectivity and highly-educated labour, mitigates the high-risk profile of certain African countries.

Furthermore, Mauritius offers advantages which provides an optimal internet connectivity and already host a number of international IT companies as well as Fintech start-ups. Boasting a workforce of above 19,000 multilingual professionals working in the ICT sector, Mauritius can be used as a test-bed for experimenting Fintech products before disseminating them to the wider global market.

Consult the Guidelines to apply for a Regulatory Sandbox Licence for Fintech Projects