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Mauritius is creatively and culturally rich. Creativity and innovation is moving into the centre of the country’s economic life because it is a critical component of the country’s ability to remain competitive.  Economic prosperity will depend not so much on the ability to make things, but more on the ability to generate ideas and innovation that can be marketed worldwide.  The annual estimate of the Mauritian creative economy is evaluated at 2.5 to 3 % of GDP, it would be equivalent to approximately MUR 8 to 10 billion.

Scope of Creative Industries:

  • Gaming

With the development of comprehensive local expertise and government support, the role of companies is evolving from being a service provider to end-to-end game developers. This will contribute progressively to move Mauritius towards a high-income economy through a well diverse higher value-added economy. Hence, the creative industries offer a panoply of opportunities such as sharing resources across the digital film animation sector and the rest of the creative industries sector, such as design, music and graphics.  In this regard, such business linkages and synergies are much likely to develop with the gaming industry.

  • Digital Animation and Visual Effects (VFX)

Technology and creativity are continuously improving and becoming a pervasive vehicle that drive the use of animation and computer-generated imagery in live-action films. The economics of content creation is rationalising, and Mauritius is becoming an attractive and competitive platform to produce animated contents and VFX.

  • Digital Media

With increasing availability of high speed internet in Mauritius and a maturing device ecosystem, Digital media consumption is gaining lots of acceptance across broader demographics. Digital advertising, live video streaming, digital media vendors, and TV and radio broadcast are gaining momentum in Mauritius.

  • Performing Arts

Mauritius has a strong art and cultural history. The development of Mauritius’ Art and Heritage sector is a prime asset to boost the ecosystem of the tourism industry. One of the strategic objectives of EDB is to develop the performing art sector into an export-oriented sector that create significant economic value. The Government aims at further supporting the advancement local artists  who have achieved high standards of excellence in their respective fields and recognize their contributions by designating them as cultural ambassadors.

  • Design and Fashion

Design in strategically focused export-oriented businesses creates everything from watches to corporate identities and interior design to interactive interfaces.  The growth of the design industry in Mauritius can best be supported by the existing intellectual property system.

  • Theme Parks

Theme Parks have become an important contributor to the film studios and film city businesses. Business opportunities are available in theme parks for super hit movies which are shot in Mauritius. The parks provide a blend of entertainment and learning on themes related to the movies produced in Mauritius.