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Eligibility Criteria


1.    Minimum transfer from abroad of USD 100,000 into the company’s  bank account

2.    Director and shareholder of the company


1.    Minimum basic salary of Rs 60,000

2.    Minimum basic salary of Rs 30,000 (for ICT/ BPO Sector)

Young Professional

1.    Completed at least an undergraduate degree in a tertiary education institution in Mauritius

2.    Application must be submitted not later than 6 months after the date of publication of results

Self employed

1.    Minimum transfer from abroad of USD 35,000 into the applicant’s account

A professional can either be a minority shareholder or a director in a company but not both.

An application, when complete, is processed in five working days except for regulated activities.

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Category of Permit

Duration of Permit

Application fee (MUR)


3 years


Self Employed

3 years



(a)  Up to 2 years

(b)  More than 2 years but not exceeding 3 years

(c)   Short-term (up to 9 months)

(d)  Extension of Short-term, only once, for 3 months

(a)  15,000

(b)  20,000


(c)   10,000

(d)  5,000

(i) By bank cheque drawn to the order of the Government of Mauritius.

(ii) By credit card through our online system before the request for the scheduling of appointment

The Occupation/ Residence Permit holder may apply for a Residence permit for his/her spouse as dependents, including common law-partner, and children under 24 years old. Certificate of cohabitation should be produced for a common law partner.

Dependents permits are submitted direct to the Passport and Immigration Office.

Yes. Your parents can accompany you to Mauritius. An application for a dependent permit can be done through the  Passport and Immigration Office.

No. You should submit translated copies, certified by a competent Authority along with the originals.

You need to obtain your birth certificate from the relevant authority in your country of origin before

submitting your online application.

No, you cannot work. You can only start to work after obtaining an Occupation Permit.

Yes. You should register with the appropriate council or body after you obtain your occupation permit for professions such as doctor, civil engineer, pharmacist, among others.

There are certain activities which would need a clearance from parent ministries. These activities are listed below:

  • Tourism sector

Any investor or professional wishing to operate a tourism-related activity should first consult the Tourism Authority on to check whether he will be allowed to carry out his intended activity.

  • Trading sector

Trading activities consisting of imports to be sold locally may not be entertained.

  • Medical sector

All medical practitioners’ applications are only entertained under the category of professional or as investor.

No, permits are not transferable.