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The Work Access Permit (WAP) online application system

The Work Access Permit (WAP) online application system is now active on platform. At this stage, this concerns only those who have already have a WAP.

For any New WAP request, the Mauritius Police Force will release a communique early next week.

You are advised to follow all steps carefully and to exercise utmost care and attention whilst filling in your application. This will avoid unnecessary delays and ensure swift processing.

We remind you that the final decision regarding the grant of a WAP rests on the Authorities.

Please find below the new procedures to apply for Work Access Permits for the private sector:

  • Access the website:
  • Select Apply for Private Sector
  • Enter BRN, mobile number and email
  • Enter One Time Password received on mobile
  • Fill Applicant details including existing work access permit number and submit
  • Upload any documentary evidence that you may have (choose file from folder and then upload)
  • Go to ‘New application’ on top menu bar
  • Set application type to Recurrent and fill in other details and justification for permit
  • Choose list of employees by using template provided and upload
  • Click on submit to submit application
  • You can verify if application have been submitted in top menu bar by clicking on application.
  • You can verify list of employees by clicking on employees in top menu bar.

Your application is completed. You can use the same process to submit other applications that you may have.