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Participation in Inhorgenta Munich Jewellery Fair 2020

In line with the government strategy to consolidate exports in Europe, the Economic Development Board (EDB) renewed its participation in Inhorgenta Munich 2020 Jewellery Exhibition, held from 14-17 February 2020.  Nine companies including, two first time participants, exhibited at this event.  

Europe is the main export destination for jewellery products accounting for more than 27% of total jewellery exports from Mauritius.  The main products exported to Europe include jewellery chains, non-industrial diamonds, imitation jewellery of base metal, synthetic and semi-precious stones, jewellery and parts of silver among others. 

Inhorgenta Munich is a major international event, featuring different categories of jewelleries such as fine and fashion, precious and semiprecious stones, high end and design jewellery as well as watches. This jewellery exhibition also offered the opportunity to keep abreast of the latest technology update in Jewellery manufacturing thus catering for the technological needs for small as well as large jewellery manufacturers.  In this perspective, five Mauritian companies visited the exhibition. 

The 2020 edition featured 1055 exhibitors from 41 different countries and attracted more than 26,000 visitors from 80 countries, mostly from Europe.

The overall outcome of participation at Inhorgenta Munich 2020 was more impactful as compared to the 2019 edition both in terms of contacts established and potential orders to the tune of MUR 133 million is expected in the next 12 months.  All participants have expressed their satisfaction with the outcome of the fair considered to be very enriching be in terms of new contacts established, technology, design as well as trends in the jewellery market. 

Investment Promotion

As part of its investment promotion strategy, the EDB organised two Investment Workshops with the objective of creating awareness about investment opportunities in Mauritius. Being the third largest manufacturing nation with over 10.2 %share of world market and home to several large well-known medical technology companies, Germany remains the obvious choice for targeting potential investment in Manufacturing.  

With a view to further develop a collaboration framework with the German business community Memorandums of Understanding were signed between EDB and two major business associations namely Afrika Verein and BVMW in the presence of His Excellency Ambassador, Prof. Dr, Keshwar Chandan Jankee.  The collaboration with these two industry associations will further enable increase awareness about the trade and investment opportunities in Mauritius and organize events mutually beneficial to each institution.