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Invitation for Bids - Credit Scoring Assessment Service Provider

Investment Support Programme (ISP) Limited (ISP), is a public company limited by shares and has been incorporated in Mauritius on 5th July 2019 following budgetary measures 2019-2020.

Its main objectives are 

  • To collaborate with relevant public sector bodies and private sector industry Associations to develop a new eco-system, re-engineer and re-capitalize firms seeking investors and strategic partners,
  • Support enterprises in the adoption of the most appropriate modern technology by arranging for financial support towards modernization of processes of these enterprises and encourage them to engage in sustainable production.
  • Arrange for financial support to enterprises in need with a view to improve productivity, efficiency, and quality standards of enterprises.


Purpose of the Assignment

Following announcement in the Budget 2020/21, ISP is considering hiring the services of a Credit Scoring Assessment Service Provider. The Credit Scoring Assessment Report will be used by the following financial institutions in assessment of applications for financial support.

  1. Investment Support Programme (ISP) Ltd
  2. State Investment Corporation (SIC) Ltd
  3. SME Mauritius Ltd
  4. DBM Ltd


Scope of Work

The Credit Scoring Assessment Service Provider will have to use, among others, both qualitative and quantitative information including financial statements, external primary and secondary data sources and conduct site visits, wherever applicable, to generate the credit report.

The credit report will be categorised based on turnover as per slabs below:

  1. Turnover up to Rs20m
  2. Turnover above Rs20m and up to Rs50m
  3. Turnover above Rs50m and up to Rs 100m
  4. Turnover above Rs 100m

Evaluation of bids will have a weightage of 70 % marks for technical submission and 30 % for financial proposal.

The bidders will have to provide their respective quotation for each slab mentioned above along with a sample credit report. The selected bidder will have to submit his report within a time frame of 5 working days from date of request.

The DEADLINE for submission of the Invitation for Bids is 31 August 2020 at 16.00hrs (Mauritian Time). No late submission will be accepted.


Click here to download the invitation for bids document by Investment Support Programme (ISP) Ltd