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Call for Registration of Participants : Mauritius-Russia Business Forum

The Economic Development Board Mauritius (EDB), the investment & trade promotion agency operating under the aegis of the Prime Minister’s Office  is organizing the third edition of the Mauritius-Russia Business Forum themed ‘’Think Africa Invest Mauritius’’, which will be held on Monday 21st October 2019 from 16h30 to 18h00, at the National Hotel in Moscow.

The key objective of this business forum is to showcase Mauritius as a well-regulated international financial centre which provides a host of services such as global treasury activities, global headquarters administration, overseas family offices, asset management, investment banking, among other auxiliary services. Moreover, the advantages of using Mauritius as the Fintech Hub for Africa as well as the wide array of investment and trade opportunities will be portrayed.

In this context, the “Third Mauritius-Russia Business Forum” will provide business and investment insights into the following key sectors of the Mauritian economy, namely:

  1. Financial Services - Mauritius International Financial Center including Fintech
  2. Real Estate and Property Development
  3. ICT, Digitization, Blockchain Technology, Artificial Intelligence
  4. New Manufacturing Industries (Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, High-tech innovative products manufacturing)

The business forum will also act as a platform to strengthen economic & bilateral ties between Mauritius & Russia.  Moreover, the event will also bring together Russian investors, business leaders, manufacturers and importers to foster collaboration, explore avenues of cooperation and secure strategic alliances for investment projects.    The forum will further strengthen the Mauritius-Russia-Africa triangular cooperation.


It should be noted that the Government of Mauritius has previously organised the 1st Mauritius-Russia Forum in November 2017 in Moscow, while the 2nd Forum was organized by EDB in Mauritius in November 2018.  EDB will pursue its commitment to collaborate and facilitate potential Russian companies who are interested to tap into investment opportunities in Mauritius as well as in Africa.