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FDI inflows into the Mauritian Economy record a 20% growth in the first semester 2019

According to the latest statistics published by the Bank of Mauritius, FDI inflows into the Mauritian economy for period January to June 2019 witnessed an increase of  20 % as compared to the previous year.  FDI inflows to the tune of MUR 10.68 billion have been recorded for the two quarters of 2019 as compared to MUR 8.8 billion in 2018.

Real estate remains the most attractive sector and the main recipient of FDI to the tune of MUR 9.5 billion of which the Integrated Resort Scheme, Real Estate Scheme, Invest Hotel Scheme, Property Development Scheme & the Smart City Scheme accounted for MUR 8.4 billion.  FDI in the manufacturing sector has increased by two-fold from MUR 56 million in 2018 to MUR 102 million in the first semester 2019.

Developed countries channeled inflows to the tune of  MUR  5.9 billion into the economy where MUR 3.3 billion have originated from France.   On the other hand, developing economies have channeled MUR 4.6 billion into the economy.

Outward investment amounted to MUR 1 billion in first semester 2019 as compared to MUR 645 billion in 2018.     Outward Investment were mostly oriented towards the financial services sector (MUR 648 million).

Investment abroad were mainly geared towards developing countries and Africa represents the biggest recipient of FDI to the tune of MUR 677 million.  FDI outflows into Asia totaled MUR 261 million.

For more information, please download the official figures here.