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China Offshore Summit, 12th to 14th November 2019 in Shanghai, China.

In line with its mandate to promote the Mauritius International Financial Centre (MIFC), the Economic Development Board (EDB) will participate in the China Offshore Summit which will be held from 12th to 14th November 2019 in Shanghai, China.

The China Offshore Summit has been designed specifically to create awareness on the effective use of tax planning and asset management to the Chinese investing community. It is also an international platform for information exchange and business development. The Summit will mainly address the key themes, namely immigration, wealth management and corporate structuring. Accordingly, to further position the MIFC as a trusted and transparent jurisdiction, the EDB will sponsor the Summit and administer a Mauritius IFC booth at the event. The booth will serve as a platform for the private sector operators to hold their meetings, provide networking opportunities and facilitate the display of promotional materials.   It should be highlighted that the EDB has negotiated a preferential 20% discount for the participation of relevant industry stakeholders.

Interested parties are kindly requested to express their interests to participate in the summit by sending an email to Mrs. Nivesha Seebah on

For more information on the Summit, please visit the official website.