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Consolidating Trade Relations with South Africa

Participation to Source Africa 2019

South Africa remains the major trading partner of Mauritius in the African continent due to its proximity with Mauritius, its preferential trade agreements, membership in the SADC trading block as well as its developed distribution channels. Since 2018, South Africa is the leading export destination for Mauritian apparel products, ahead of US, UK and France. Last year export figures amounted to Rs 5.28 Bn which represent 88% of the total exports to South Africa. Furthermore, Mauritius has positioned itself as the 2nd supplier to South Africa for light knit products including T-shirts & Sweatshirts after China (Source: ITC Trade Data). Exports of these goods from Mauritius has increased by 18% in 2018 compared to 2016.

In this regard, to further consolidate our presence in the South African market, EDB Mauritius has renewed its participation to Source Africa, the premier trade & sourcing exhibition for the African continent, which  was held from 12th to 14th June 2019 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. Source Africa stands as the only apparel sourcing event on the African continent bringing together suppliers, manufacturers, service providers and buyers from the region under one roof.  The successive promotional campaigns of apparel products in Cape Town since 2008 has enabled Mauritius to diversify its apparel exports. 

The Economic Development Board led a delegation of 20 Mauritian enterprises, mostly SMEs to the trade exhibition.  The event provided a unique platform for Mauritian enterprises to showcase their savoir-faire as well as meet potential buyers for their products.