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AGOA Key Exports Products Exhibition & Trade Fair, 25th – 30th September 2018, Rochelle, New York

The Economic Development Board will lead a delegation comprising  10 operators to the AGOA Key Exports Products Exhibition & Trade Fair which will be held from 25th – 30th September 2018 at Rochelle, New York.

Since the advent of AGOA in 2000, Mauritius has taken full advantage of its preferential market access that has enabled Mauritian products to increase its penetration to the US market. Today, Mauritius exports mainly apparel, seafood, jewellery, sunglasses and sugar to USA. Exports in 2017 totalled to MUR 6.1 Bn.

Organised by the Bizness Group Ltd, AGOA Expo is a Cultural and Business Platform with nearly 40 participating countries, committed to celebrate US – Africa Cooperation, Strengthen Bilateral Trade Relations, Promote AGOA Key Export Products and Investment Opportunities through African Growth & Opportunity Act (AGOA).  The event will also comprise a business forum with key focus on important topics namely, capacity building, awareness raising, business and investment opportunities and promotion of  trade between US and African countries.

The AGOA Expo will draw 5,000 exhibitors from the AGOA eligible countries and with an expected audience of over 75,000 visitors. It will provide an opportunity and a unique platform to position Mauritius as a competitive sourcing destination especially with the extension of AGOA and the derogation of the third country fabric till 2025.

Participating  companies will showcase processed food and apparel products, "Made with Care" from Mauritius. The key objective is to enhance the visibility of Mauritius as a destination of Trade & Investment and position Mauritius as a reliable Business Destination.

The event aims at consolidating the US-Africa Cooperation and increase exchange of trade and business between US and the 39 African countries to further strengthen their economies and consolidate the free market.