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Dear Readers,

It is with great pleasure that the Economic Development Board (EDB) took cognizance of the latest publication of the World Bank, the Doing Business Report 2019, which establishes Mauritius amongst the top 20 countries in the world for its ease of doing business and a leader in Sub Saharan Africa. This recognition by the World Bank confirms that Mauritius remains a competitive and attractive jurisdiction whilst consolidating investor’s trust.

The Honorable Prime Minister has played an instrumental role in driving the reform agenda for Mauritius. Under his leadership, structures have been put in place at the level of the Prime Minister’s Office, the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development and EDB to coordinate and monitor the implementation of major projects related to ease of doing business in Mauritius.

EDB has continuously engaged with both public-sector agencies and the private sector to identify hurdles, bottlenecks and red tape for doing business, thereby formulating corrective policy measures. All the reforms recognized by the World Bank have, in fact, been implemented by the relevant ministries and public sector agencies, since they are the regulatory bodies responsible for business permits and licenses.

At the level of the EDB, a well-defined agenda to further improve the ease of doing business in Mauritius has been charted out together with Government. We are presently implementing the National e-Licensing System which will be a game changer in the way business permits are applied for, processed and issued in Mauritius, and which is complemented with a Business Process Re-engineering exercise on not less than 150 permits and licenses. Along with process transformation, technology will be key in addressing regulatory challenges. In this respect, EDB is laying huge emphasis on increasing the technological footprint in the Government sector to facilitate businesses.

Our medium-term strategy includes the establishment of a Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) framework in Mauritius to analyse the economic, social and environmental impact of new business-related legislations. We are also finalising the details for a major regulatory review on legislations which concern investment and doing business in Mauritius.

While we join the club of Top 20 in the world, we are aware that it will become tougher to improve our ranking in the ease of doing business indicator. What we do now in terms of regulatory reforms, business processes, and digital transformation will also require greater determination and a paradigm shift from one and all to continue to progress.

The EDB is pleased to share with you key insights of the report in this special edition on the Doing Business Report 2019.

Mr. François Guibert

Chief Executive Officer

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