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Starting a construction

Pre-construction checklist:

  • Where a plot of land is classified as agricultural land and is to be used for non-agricultural purposes, an application for a Land conversion permit should be made to the Ministry of Agro Industry and Food Security
  • A Morcellement Permit is required from the Ministry of Housing and Lands for the division of a plot of land into two or more lots. Application is made on the National Electronic Licensing System (NELS).

For some specific projects, an Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) or a Preliminary Environmental Report (PER) is required from the Ministry of Social Security, National Solidarity and Environment and Sustainable Development

Prior to starting the construction, a Building and Land Use Permit (BLUP) from the relevant Local Authority is necessary.  Application for a BLUP is made on the NELS.  The BLUP is issued within 14 working days. 

Guidelines / Fees


  • Local Authorities would automatically seek clearance from the Central Water Authority (CWA), Central Electricity Board (CEB) and Watewater Management Authority (WMA) upon application.
  • No clearance from CWA, CEB and WMA is required for plots found in Morcellements.
  • CWA, CEB and WMA processing fees for plan approvals have been waived
  • Post-construction checklist :
  • Once a construction is completed
  • The Local Authority needs to be notified of completion of construction on the NELS.
  • A compliance certificate is issued within 5 days by the principal agent who is either a registered engineer or a registered architect.

An Occupation Certificate is issued on the NELS within 5 days following submission of the Clearance certificate issued by the principle agent

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