Getting Started

Register your business/ incorporate your company/ pay your trade fees

The Corporate and Business Registration Department (CBRD) will be a one-stop-shop for starting a business. 

Step 1:  The applicant needs to sign in on the system and follow the guidelines to incorporate a company or register a business.
Step 2:  The applicant effects payment and shall receive an electronic business registration card and/or an e-certificate of incorporation


  1. Applicants will have the opportunity to effect lumped payment for trade fees (attached pdf) at the time of payment of incorporation/ registration fees online.
  2.  If payment of trade fees was not effected at the time of incorporation/registration, the applicant shall login on the same platform and effect payment within 15 days after the start of operations as per the provisions of the Local Government Act 2011.
  3. Click here for more information.

Important information:

  • Companies are automatically Registered as employers with the Mauritius Revenue Authority and the Ministry of Social Integration, Social Security and National Solidarity upon Incorporation
  • No seal is required by law while transacting with third parties except for global business companies as required by other countries.
  • Once registered, the electronic Business Registration Card is issued with the Business Registration Number (BRN), which is a unique identification number for the company.
  • The E-Certificate of Incorporation is issued at no extra cost and is a valid KYC document. The authenticity of the Electronic Certificate of Incorporation can be verified on the website of the CBRD

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