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Connecting to Utilities

Connection to the electric supply

Application for connection to the electricity grid is made either online or to any customer walk–in service of the central Electricity Board (CEB).  Documents required and fees for commercial and industrial buildings are available on the CEB’s website under the tab customer services. 

Connection to the water supply

Application to connect to the water network is made at the Central Water Authority (CWA) through a customer walk-in service.  Water connection is effected within 10 working days. Documents required  and Fees are available on the CWA website.

Connection to the sewer network

Application is made online to the Wastewater Management Authority (WMA) and the following documents should be uploaded: Applicant ID card, CWA Invoice, Title Deed, Site/ Location Plan, Building Permit (optional) and Agreement Papers (if any).  Sewer connection is completed within 30 days. 

Note: Any sewer connection cost below MUR 175,000 is conducted free of charge

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