Sports Economy

The Government of Mauritius aims at positioning Mauritius as a regional sports hub by developing the country into a vibrant and growing sport economy that would have spillover effects on the services sector including the tourism industry.

The National Sport and Physical activity Policy provides a roadmap towards a healthier, wealthier, happier and enhanced Mauritius. This policy lays the foundations for the development of sport and physical activity in Mauritius for the 10-year period 2018-2028. It also defines the key transformative actions that Mauritius must focus on over the next decade to expand support for elite athletes and also to lead to happier communities with healthier citizens. 

In line with the above, the “Sports Economic Commission” has been set up under the Economic Development Board to develop and implement a clear roadmap for the integration of sports business as new economic pillar in Mauritius.

The role of the Sports Economic Commission is to:

(a) promote Mauritius as an international centre for the hosting of international multi-disciplinary sports events

(b) facilitate and promote the setting up of Mauritius Sportstech Incubators and start-ups

(c) regulate, facilitate and issue approval to existing and new sports infrastructure development under the PPP model

(d) facilitate the development of track and trail under the sponsorship and partnership of the private sector to promote Sports Tourism

(e) develop a new and competitive business model for football 


There is coordinated effort to develop a ‘sports economy’ as an emerging sector to make it a future strong economic pillar with the following main objectives:

  • Increase sports contribution to GDP from 1.2 to 1.8 per cent by 2028
  • Grow private investment in sports facilities through PPP model and make them an engine for revenue generation
  • Attract international promoters for organisation of high-profile sports events in Mauritius
  • Address youth unemployment and improve standards of living
  • Job creation
  • Drive sustainable innovation through Sportstech Incubators

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