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Maurice est un pays très riche tant sur le plan créatif que culturel. La créativité et l'innovation occupent une place centrale dans la vie économique du pays car elles constituent un élément essentiel à sa capacité de demeurer compétitif. La prospérité économique ne dépendra pas uniquement de la capacité de fabriquer des choses, mais davantage de celle à générer des idées et des innovations pouvant être commercialisées dans le monde entier. L'estimation annuelle de l'économie créative mauricienne est évaluée à 2,5 à 3 % du PIB, ce qui équivaudrait à environ MUR 8 à 10 milliards.

3.5 %


Rs 14

Billion (PIB)

30 %


  • The Film Rebate Scheme is a cash-back incentives for audio-visual productions in Mauritius. A cash rebate of 30% and up to 40% for high end Feature film and TV series is reimbursed to eligible film producers on all Qualifying Production Expenditure (QPE) incurred and spent in Mauritius. The Film Rebate Scheme applies to production in the category of Feature Film, Commercials, TV serials/programmes, documentary programmes, Music videos and dubbing productions. The table below summarises the corresponding minimum QPE to be incurred in Mauritius in order to benefit from the Film Rebate Scheme:

    Type of project Minimum expenditure (USD) Production eligibility
    Feature films (including animation) Feature films (including animation) Foreign and Locals
    Feature films (including animation) 100,000 Foreign
    Feature films (including animation) 50,000 Local
    Television drama series or single dramas (Per episodes) 150,000 (eligible for up to 40% rebate) Foreign and Locals
    Television drama series or single dramas (Per episodes) 20,000 Foreign and Locals
    Television documentary 20,000 Foreign and Locals
    Other television programmes 30,000 Foreign and Locals
    Commercials 30,000 Foreign
    Music Videos 30,000 Foreign
    Music Videos 15,000 Locals
    Dubbing Project 30,000 Foreign and Locals

    Detailed information regarding the application procedure for the Film Rebate Scheme is provided in the guideline for submission of application. To further improve operations efficiency, all applications for a new project and claim submission will henceforth be made online.

    Applicants will need to register on the following link to submit their online application:

    The User Manual for online application of a new project is available.
    The User Manual for submission of a new claim is available.

  • Several financial assistance schemes are currently made available by the government to local artists in the form of grants supporting film productions as well as funding to participate in international shows and events.

    The Mauritius International Art Fair (MIAF) held in August 2019 has attracted some 120 artists from 45 countries. The main aim of this event was to propel Mauritius as a cultural hub on the global map, thus developing a new segment of cultural tourism as well as educating the business community about the value of art as an investment asset class.

    To give a boost to local artist, EDB has also launched the EDB art gallery where emerging artists are given the opportunity to exhibit their artwork. Investors visiting the office are encouraged to purchase the artworks. Today there are more than 490 artists registered with the National Arts Gallery.

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