Dans l’optique de faire de Maurice une économie axée sur l'innovation, le gouvernement souhaite positionner le pays comme la plaque tournante de l’éducation dans la région. Maurice est aujourd'hui un important prestataire en matière d'éducation de qualité et attire de plus en plus d'étudiants locaux et internationaux.

Etre une plaque tournante régionale dans le domaine de l’éducation et de la formation de grande qualité dans l’industrie du savoir, servira de catalyseur pour Maurice en vue d’élargir son économie et d’apporter son soutien aux secteurs existants et futurs. D’emblée, cette transformation nécessitera l’apport d'une main-d'œuvre qualifiée, hautement compétente et productive, de manière à attirer une nouvelle génération d’investisseurs et à maintenir la compétitivité du pays.
act new generation of investment and to maintain the country’s competitiveness.

4.9 %

Contribution au PIB




Ecoles primaires


Ecoles secondaires


Institutions de formation

46.4 %

Taux d'inscription dans l’enseignement supérieur

  • Mauritius serves as an ideal investment platform for the development of the education sector and investment opportunities exist in attracting and in the setting up of: 

    1. World-class pre-primary, primary and secondary schools
    2. Technical and vocational institutes
    3. Specialised institutions/university campuses offering courses in fields such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, robotics, fintech, renewable energy, ocean economy, creative arts, high tech engineering, biotechnology, life sciences, computing, healthcare among others
    4. Centres of excellence
    5. Executive education
    6. Sports academies
  • Since 2007, the number of international students has been increasing from 528 to 3300 in December 2020. The students come from more than 70 different countries, mainly India, Nigeria, South Africa, Madagascar, France, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania amongst others. 


    • Exemption on income derived by a branch campus of an institution which ranks among the first 500 tertiary institutions worldwide, for a period of 8 successive income years starting from the income year in which the institution has started its operations.
    • Exemption on VAT on Information technology system and information technology related materials and equipment, for the purpose of online education at the time of the setting up of the branch campus in Mauritius
    • VAT exemptions on construction of purpose-built building for the provision of tertiary education
    • Land conversion tax exemption for the construction of a purpose-built building for the provision of pre-primary, primary, secondary and tertiary education
    • Registration duty exemption on purchase of land and building to be used to provide primary, secondary and tertiary education
  • "I am privileged to be welcomed to live, intern and study at such a diverse and welcoming country. My living and working in the education and training sector in Mauritius have helped me learn how to integrate well with the Mauritian culture and people. I even wrote my final thesis on Mauritian higher education! I am constantly awed by the beauty of the country and its people. The Mauritian youth are some of the most talented youth I've met and I'm excited to continue working with their learning development."

    Elizabeth Kitange, Tanzania   |   African Leadership University of Mauritius

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