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In line with the government strategy to promote Mauritius as a reputed and effective trade and investment platform for the continent, the Economic Development Board is working towards reinforcing economic collaboration with African States to leverage on the geostrategic position of Mauritius to drive investment into the continent.

Africa is full of promise and untapped riches. It has approximately 30 percent of the earth's remaining mineral resources, nearly 60 percent (over 200 million hectares) of the world available arable land and 13 percent of the world population. To that end, the Government is implementing pro-African policies to improve the investment climate and market access conditions to make Mauritius a relevant platform for Africa.

As an African country, Mauritius has and continues to be a strategic development partner, in and for, the Continent. The EDB is also expanding its network across the continent through MoU’s with African Investment Promotion Agencies (IPA’s) and positioning Economic Counsellors in selected capitals on the continent. The EDB also holds the directorate for Sub-Saharan Africa with the World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (WAIPA).

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