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Work and Live in Mauritius

With the economic expansion of recent years and its pursuit to become a high-income economy, the Mauritian government is facilitating and encouraging expatriation of foreign talents, know-how and investment into the country.  

Known for its pleasant tropical climate, multiculturalism, hospitality, dynamic economy, attractive tax regimes, political and social stability, competitive business environment and multiple investment opportunities, Mauritius is a privileged destination for foreign nationals to work and live.

Through various avenues namely the Occupation Permit, the Residence Permit or the Permanent Residence Permit, foreign nationals may choose to work, live or retire in Mauritius. They are also eligible to acquire property in Mauritius under prescribed conditions.

Applications for Occupation Permit (OP) or Residence Permit (RP) should be submitted online through the National E-licensing System which can be accessed on the following link


The purpose of this guideline is to provide all the information governing the application for Occupation Permits and Residence Permits.

The Occupation Permit (OP) is a combined work and residence permit which allows foreign nationals to work and reside in Mauritius under 3 specific categories namely:

  1. Investor
  2. Professional
  3. Self-Employed

Foreign nationals, above the age of 50 years, may also choose to retire in Mauritius under a Residence Permit (RP).

An OP or a RP is issued for a maximum period of three years and the permit holder may submit a new application at expiry of the permit.

Dependents of an OP or RP holder may also apply for residence permits for a duration not exceeding that of the OP or RP holder.

Download a full supplement of the Guidelines.

Download the Checklists in pdf versions for each category:

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