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Bringing Art and Creativity to Business

- Creative Industries

The creative sector is increasingly becoming a valuable segment contributing to the local, regional and global economies by generating income, jobs and exports. As per the government’s vision the creative sector is a potentially new economic driver to stimulate growth, job creation and investment. In Mauritius, the creative economy is evaluated at 3.5 % of GDP, representing approximately 14 billion rupees.

Since the implementation of the Film Rebate Scheme in 2013, the Economic Development Board (EDB) has approved and facilitated the completion of 105 film projects under the scheme, representing a total production expenditure of MUR 3.3 Billion.

Some 2200 direct jobs have been created in this sector over the past five years. Some 250 voice-over actors are working in this segment of the industry.

In view to bridge the skills gaps, the EDB is working with several stakeholders in the creative and technical fields. Every year some 30 aspiring cinematographers are being trained in the field of cinematography, lighting and sound under the National Skills Development program.

The Film Rebate Scheme is providing opportunities for the creation of a financial market for the film industry. Local commercial banks offer bridge finance (cash flow of rebates) to film producers. In 2017-2019 local banks have offered bridge finance for MUR 600 M to foreign and local film producers.

By the end of 2020, a full- fledged studio project will be implemented for film producers to conduct their production as well as post-production activities in Mauritius.

The main sourcing markets in terms of film producers are India, South Africa, Germany, USA, France, China as well as Mauritius (local producers) Today, Mauritius is also positioning itself as a competitive destination for the film dubbing segment.

Several financial assistance schemes are currently made available by the government to local artists in the form of grants supporting film productions as well as funding to participate in international shows and events.

The Mauritius International Art Fair (MIAF) held in August 2019 has attracted some 120 artists from 45 countries. The main aim of this event was to propel Mauritius as a cultural hub on the global map, thus developing a new segment of cultural tourism as well as educating the business community about the value of art as an investment asset class.

To give a boost to local artist, EDB has also launched the EDB art gallery where emerging artists are given the opportunity to exhibit their artwork. Investors visiting the office are encouraged to purchase the artworks. Today there are more than 490 artists registered with the National Arts Gallery.