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National Electronic Licensing System (NELS)


Single point of entry for all business licences (Budget 2016/2017)

Features of the project

  • Move from ‘agency centric’ to ‘customer centric’ system
  • Central repository of licences
  • Online application, e-payment and delivery of e-permits and licences
  • Online monitoring and tracking of application by the Ministry and the applicant
  • Communication with the applicant through the system
  • Issue regular reports

Business Process Reengineering (BPR)

Prior to onboarding the NELS, processes are reengineered to remove duplications, bureaucracy and redtapism. The following processes have already been reengineered and shall onboard the NELS by end of 2018

Ministry of Local Government

  • Building and Land Use Permit including plan approval from CEB, CWA, WMA

Ministry of Environment

  • Environment Impact Assessment
  • Preliminary Environment Report

Ministry of Agro-Industry

  • Land Conversion Permit

Ministry of Housing and Lands

  • Morcellement Permit

Economic Development Board

  • Occupation Permit
  • Acquisition of Property
  • Diaspora scheme
  • Film Rebate Scheme

Onboarding the NELS